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A couple of weeks ago we had the please of meeting for the first time our newest family member. His name is Majesticoons Samson. Samson is a very high energy male Maine Coon with enormous potential to be a breeder of some "WOW" kittens in his future. Samson come Europe, more specifically London England.

Samson has a world class pedigree and comes from a fantastic and very well respected breeder. Samson is a Blue and Silver Tabby with some outstanding Maine Coon features only found in authentic Maine Coon kittens.

Keep track of Samson as he grows into a world class show cat here at Florida Maine Coons by OptiCoons.

Here at OptiCoons Cattery in Florida we get allot of request for what we refer to as "WOW" Kittens, you know that handsome young man or stunning young lady that just takes your breath away when you first see them.