Maine Coon Cat picture from Florida Maine Coons by OptiCoons

Kittens Reservations – Simple, Easy, Guaranteed and Secure.

Reserve a Kitten – We have allot of requests and its easy to understand it. We offer Healthy, Adorable and Affordable Maine Coon kittens that are fully pedigreed and come from tested bloodlines.

OptiCoons sells Maine Coon Kittens in Tampa, Orlando, Ocala, Gainesville, Dunnellon, The Villages and all over Florida. Because of the high quality and affordability of our kittens we sell them kittens all over the United States, see some of our reviews on our Facebook Page. 

Would you like another look at our Male Maine Coon Breeders or perhaps the Female Maine Coon Breeders?

IMPORTANT Reservation information:

Due to the overwhelming response for Healthy, Adorable, and Affordable Maine Coons Kittens we have decided to move to a Paid Reservation List.

To Join our PAID RESERVATION LIST please contact us by calling 352-804-7893, reservations can be made with selected online payment methods, in order to control the process and to be completely transparent, we require you to call us first. Many thanks, let’s protect each other online.

      Kitten prices are $3500 and up, pricing is based on a particular litter, its colors, gender, and patterns. All kittens are guaranteed healthy with a 1 to 5 year written guarantee available.

  1. Depending on the bloodline, a deposit of $250 or $500 USD is required per kitten. Your payment will be sent to Ginnie Lane the cattery owner and you will be provided with a receipt. The $250/$500 will take off the balance of the cost of the kitten.
  2. There must be one payment of $250/$500 or partial payments may be made by contacting the breeder first, by Contacting Us or by calling Ginnie @ 352-804-7893 or email at [email protected].
  3. Your non-refundable and non-expiring deposit automatically creates a binding contract between yourself and OptiCoons the breeder and owner of this website. 
  4. Paying a larger deposit will not move you up on the reservation list, the list is First Come, First Served.
  5. Those with Paid Deposits will be offered kittens in the order in which they signed up, you may pass on a litter and retain your position on future litters.