Florida Maine Coons Cattery -  Maine Coon Kitten Contract


Kittens Name_______________       Color:_____________________       Sex:__________         Description:________________________________


Parents:      Father:                   Mother:


Kitten(s) will be: Picked up _______ Delivered ________ or Flying ________ (Delivery fee based on current quotes from airlines or personal delivery service by OptiCoons.)


The Seller and Purchaser agree to the following:


  1. Purchase price of the kitten $____________, Deposit for reserved Kitten __$150__________ USD in the form of cash, cashier’s check or money order or paid electronically by PayPal or other agreed means and made payable to Ginnie Lane.  All deposits are nonrefundable. Balance due upon pickup or delivery $______________.  When picking out kitten and signing contract, a deposit of half the balance it due _________ paid in Cash.  The other half due at time of pick up of kitten $______________ CASH ONLY.


  1. There must be one (1) deposit and one (1) signed contract per kitten.


  1. Kitten(s) can be picked up or delivered any time after 12 weeks old.


  1. Final balance is due two (2) weeks prior to flight, pick up or delivery. If final payment is not received within this time frame, kitten will be made available for others to purchase unless other arrangements have been made with OptiCoons.


  1. Kitten(s) will not be declawed at any point in its life.


  1. Purchaser will take kitten (at Purchasers expense) to a veterinarian for complete exam within 72 hours of receiving kitten. If Purchaser has other pets, kitten will be quarantined for 7 days.


  1. Purchaser will supply sanitary facilities for kitten(s), including clean water and food daily.


  1. Seller guarantees that kitten is in sound health and not harboring any disease or parasites. Seller will supply Purchaser with kitten(s) health certificate. Seller guarantees general health of kitten for seven (7) days on the condition that the Purchaser has kept kitten in proper living environment listed above and is kept quarantined during this time.


  1. Seller guarantees that kitten is free of hereditary malformation (genetic defects HCM, SMA, PK and PKdef) to the best of the Seller's knowledge at the time of the sale. In the event that a hereditary malformation is found within one (1) year of purchase, Seller agrees to replace kitten with another kitten of equal worth. No medical or shipping costs will be refunded.


  1. If living in a warm climate, kitten(s) will either be indoors or have indoor access at all times. Kittens take time to adjust to new surroundings and environments.


  1. This kitten is purchased as a pet and will be spayed/neutered before one year of age. Recommendation is six (6-9) months of age. Seller will provide TICA Registration instructions upon receiving dated documentation of alteration from a veterinarian.


  1. By signing this agreement, Purchaser agrees that any violation of these conditions will result in the return of kitten(s) and any legal action will be filed in Citrus County, Florida and costs paid for by the Purchaser.



Breeder’s Name:     Ginnie Lane                                                                 Purchaser’s Name:__________________________________________


Phone:     352-804-7893                                                                             Phone:_____________________________________________________


Email:        [email protected]                                                            Email:______________________________________________________


Address:  8102 N. Moonwind Terrace Dunnellon, FL 34433                       Address:____________________________________________________


Breeders Signature:_________________________                                              Buyers Signature:_____________________________