Florida Maine Coons – In the News


Florida Maine Coons in the news!

Today we were notified by Tom Barnes the Chief Writer that my interview with the renowned I Want A MaineCoon.com website that our interview for this site was published.  You can read the entire article here. Maine Coon Breeder Interview: Florida Maine Coons

This is a HUGE honor, and it just emphasizes the work that we do to protect the beloved Maine Coon. Here in Florida, we operate under the name of Florida Maine Coons, LLC. we are one of very few State of Florida Registered Breeder, both registered with the State of Florida and Citrus County in Florida. We are a registered LLC. and yes, we pay taxes.  Very few breeders are as transparent as we are.

If you are searching for a Maine Coon Kitten in Florida please contact us -

Enjoy the article, we are hopeful that you learn a little bit more about us and our ethical practices.

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