Florida Maine Coons - MajestiCoon and Majestic Souls Kings

The Bloodlines of Florida Maine Coons - OptiCoons, MajestiCoon and Majestic Souls

The Male Maine Coon Breeders here at Florida Maine Coons by OptiCoons and MajestiCoon are all of magnificent quality. All of our Kings are Authentic type Maine Coons with the correct breed standard confirmation, they fully tested by the UC Davis Veterinary school or via Wisdom Panel all of them have fantastic pedigree's, temperaments and your typical loving Maine Coon character and are just all around great Male Maine Coons. Each of them has a unique and loving personality.

Here at OptiCoons which is our official TICA Cattery Name we are Authentic Maine Coon breeders so we are very conscious of the bloodlines, out crosses and line breeding we use as we strive for the perfect Authentic Maine Coon look and health profile. Our MajestiCoon line hails from the UK where foundation breeders were imported from the State of Maine some 40 years ago. Our Majestic Souls bloodlines are a new pairing of MajestiCoon and SoulShine Maine Coons that is in its early state of inception, in which we are hoping to achieve a 10 year health guarantee against genetic defects.

Below are The Kings and a little background on each one of them.

The Kings of Florida Maine Coons

KIng Arthur our Tuxedo Male Maine Coon from Florida Maine CoonsDynamicats King Arthur

King Arthur or as he is known in the cattery "King" or "Artie" is a handsome Tuxedo Maine Coon with exceptional qualities such as his remarkable Ear Tufts and Whiskers. Artie contributes to the OptiCoon and MajestiCoon bloodlines.

SoulShine Soul Shaker - A magnificent Silver and Black Maine Coon male from FloridaMaineCoons.comSoulShines Soul Shaker       

Shaker as he is know in the cattery come to us from our Breeder Partner in North Carolina. Mellissa Frohnapple is the successful owner and founder of SoulShines Maine Coons in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Shaker will be a foundation breeder in our Majestic Souls breeding program with SoulShines and will also contribute to the MajestiCoon bloodline as an outcross to maintain those beautiful MajestiCoon Silvers.

Samson - Magnificant Silver and Blue Male MainecoonMajestiCoon Samson

MajestiCoon Samson A.K.A - Sammy is a very large Silver and Blue Maine Coon with the traditional MajestiCoon look, structure and personality. Sammy contributes to the OptiCoon, MajestiCoon and Majestic Souls bloodlines. Sammy has an all around "Teddy Bear" personality he is always socializing with the humans and other animals here at Florida Maine Coons in Dunnellon, Florida.

The Magnificent MajestiCoon Buffalo Bill of Florida Maine CoonsMajestiCoon Buffalo Bill

MajestiCoon Buffalo Bill comes from many championship lines in Europe, he is an extra large Male Classic Brown Male Maine coon whos MajestiCoon bloodlines are sought by many breeders in the Maine Coon world. He is an excellent example of a perfect breed standard Maine Coon. Billy as he's known here is quite the character, full of energy and love for all the humans and cats in the home.

Simon Sez is a Male Maine Coon at MajestiCoon.comMajestiCoon Simon Sez

Our newest Red Male Maine Coon was bred right here at Florida Maine Coons. Simon Sez is still to young to join the breeding program but his turn will come. He will replace Fire Fly at some point in the next year or so. We have big expectations from Simon as he has MajestiCoon genetics which will prove him to be a healthy and large Male Breeder in the futire

Jasper of Rasputins PrideRasputin's Pride Jasper

This is Jasper, he come to us from Rasputin's Pride in Arizona, Jasper is a very well structured Blue Male Maine Coon who is very energetic and fun to be around, his outgoing personality is quite infectious to all that meet him.

The Bif Red Maone Coon - Fire FlyFire Fly Long Happiness

This is Fire Fly, he is probably the biggest Male Maine Coon here at OptiCoons, he has been with us for several years and is probably one of the most gentle souls in the Maine Coon world. Fire fly comes to us about 4 years ago from the Long Happiness cattery in Poland. He contributes to our Red litters within OptiCoons and MajestiCoons. He is fully health tested and energetic. Father to many beautiful kittens and friends to all that meet him.