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If you would like a highly pedigreed, healthy adorable and affordable Maine Coon Kitten in Florida including Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando Tampa, Gainesville, Ocala, The Villages, The Keys and all Florida destinations in between. Not in Florida, that's not a problem, we can provide safe and secure transportation options for your kittens to anywhere in the United States.

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I got my sweet fur baby from Florida Maine Coons and I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. They were very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had. I will definitely be getting my next Maine Coon from these wonderful people!

OptiCoons and Florida Maine Coon kittens testimonial - Ms. Ginnie and her cattery "Florida Maine Coons" is absolutely wonderful. Her cats are raised and cared for far beyond any expectations, in a clean and well cared for environment. Her cats are absolutely beautiful and healthy. They go above and beyond to breed and offer stellar animals. I can't wait to pick up my kitten! Thank you for taking the time and opening your cattery to show me all you have to offer, exceeded my expectations!

Florida Maine Coon Kittens Testimonial - Florida Maine Coons is a wonderful cattery to work with! Ginnie is so helpful and would always update me on how my baby was doing before I could bring her home. I am so happy and in love with my kitten I got from them! Definitely recommend!

Testimonial about OptiCoons Maine Coon Kittens in Dunnellon Florida - What can I say about Florida Maine Coons? They're wonderful! We adopted our Bentley on January 19, 2019 (our "Gotcha Day") and are sooooo in love! Having a Maine Coon has been a life long dream of mine and Ginnie made my dream become a reality! Ginnie and Steve were so nice to work with and talk to. They welcomed us into their home the very first day we visited as though we were family. We spent time with them, getting to know them better and vice versa. They care deeply about all of their cats and want to make sure they have wonderful forever families and homes. We are so blessed they chose us to become Bentley's forever family. Ginnie was always great about keeping the lines of communication open throughout the process by letting me know how Bentley was doing prior to our adoption date. She also sent pictures and videos of Bentley which always brightened our day. I felt like an expectant mother or a first time grandmother showing off the pictures of our new baby! My family, friends and co-workers all knew Bentley's name and knew that he was coming home with us soon. Ginnie even sent us a nice Christmas card with Bentley's picture! Ginnie took the time to sit with us on adoption day to go over how to care for him (feeding, bathing, vet appointments, etc.) over the next six months to a year and beyond. She was also so kind to send us home with a care package with some of Bentley's favorite toys, a cardboard scratching board, some food, and more. She wanted to make sure that Bentley had something with his mother's scent on it to help him to adjust. She didn't have to do any of this but did, to make sure Bentley's needs were met and that we were happy with him and Florida Maine Coons. I am thankful that she gave us something from his mother because it did help Bentley to adjust to our home. Bentley is flourishing in our family and with our other cat. They are getting along great and have fun playing and taking naps together. Bentley is very well adjusted, loves being with everyone in our family, loves to snuggle and play with us and is an absolute delight; a very welcome addition to our family! I highly recommend Florida Maine Coons to my friends, family and others! Thank you Ginnie and Steve!

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