OptiCoons aquires Majesticoon Maine Coon Cattery

September 18, 2021


Dunnellon, Florida-based Maine Coon Cattery OptiCoons,  the most awarded and recognized Maine Coon breeder in Florida and the South Eastern US is proud to announce it has acquired MajestiCoons one of the world’s leading Maine Coon catteries. MajestiCoons like OptiCoons is also a multi-year TICA Outstanding Maine Coon cattery for both 2020 and 2021 and was based out of Sussex, UK. for more than 35 years.

The transition is in the final stages of completion through TICA the current registry of both Maine Coon Catteries. The social media platforms and websites sites are also in the early stages of transition, both MajestiCoon.com and FloridaMaineCoons.com will remain published websites.

From MajestiCoon – Maine Coon cats are the only native long-haired breed in America and we introduced a top breeding line into the UK in 1980 from which some of our existing breeding cats descend. Many of our Maine Coons have subsequently gone on to continue our legacy around the world, including the USA. Lucille & Larry Clarke-Smith have recently retired from breeding these beautiful Maine Coons and the Majesticoon breeding program and bloodlines will continue in the USA in the very capable hands of Ginnie & Steve Lane of OptiCoons Maine Coon cattery in Dunnellon, Florida. They will continue to breed MajestiCoon Maine Coons to high standards using proven bloodlines. OptiCoons will continue to breed both Original OptiCoons Kittens and Authentic MajestiCoons from its Florida-based cattery.

From OptiCoons – Lucille & Larry Clarke-Smith have been cherished friends and mentors of OptiCoons since its inception many years ago and we are committed to carrying on the fabulous bloodlines that have been so carefully created over the years. We recognize the responsibility when taking on such a challenge and we will meet it with high regard. The acquisition was made very easy with both catteries being deeply rooted in ethical breeding and strong health testing protocols. All MajestiCoons now live in Florida after a successful transition flight last week.

For further information please contact us here, or for now, follow us on our OptiCoons Facebook page

MajestiCoons by OptiCoons can be found at www.MajestiCoons.com