Maine Coon Litters Spring 2021

Maine Coon Litters – OptiCoons Spring 2021, Our Gorgeous Spring Litters

Today Florida Maine Coons by OptiCoons, Florida’s premier breeder of Authentic Maine Coon kittens is proud to announce four confirmed by ultrasound and x-ray our four successful planned Maine Coon Litters . OptiCoons is a recipient of TICA’s Outstanding Maine Coon Cattery Award for 2020 and 2021. We believe in planning litters in an ethical and healthy manner. Our breeding age males and females are DNA tested, Oral, Nasal and Fecal PPR Tested along with Echo’s as medically needed. For more updated information please follow us on our FaceBook Cattery Page

Majesticoons Samson – The Sire

Samson our handsome super sweet male is a XXL Blue and Silver of American lines, he has fantastic characteristics and is fully inline with the breed standards. Samson is out of the UK Cattery Majesticoons and has some heritage and proven bloodlines. He is the father of the four Maine Coon Litters we are announcing today.

Samson - Magnificant Silver and Blue Male Mainecoon, father of the Maine Coon Litters


CopyCat – The Queen

Copy Cat of the Schi-Coons is from Holland and is a beautiful Silver Tortie with high white. Copy Cat is from a bloodline we like to refer to as WOW, just a magnificent appearance and conformation to the breed is spot on. For more updated information on this litter please follow us on our FaceBook Cattery Page

Maine Coon Cat picture from Florida Maine Coons by OptiCoons

Majesticoons Delilah – The Queen

Delilah is also out of the UK’s finest Maine Coon cattery Majesticoons, she is a stunning and high spirited Silver and Black female here at OptiCoons Maine Coon Cattery in Florida. This will be Delilah’s second litter of outstanding kittens, wait until you see them. For more updated information on Delilahs litter please follow us on our FaceBook Cattery Page

Delilah is a Queen and Florida Maine Coons, she is a Silver and Black female Maine Coon

Long Happiness Kiss Me – The Queen

Kiss Me – what a great name. Kiss Me is a Black Torbie female here at Florida Maine Coons, Kiss Me has given birth to some very beautiful kittens here at OptiCoons. She is a large female and shows well within the Maine Coon standards. Kiss me is very sweet, gentle and loving. Out of the Long Happiness Cattery in Poland she is a pleasure to have in our breeding program. For more updated information on Kiss Me’s litter please follow us on our FaceBook Cattery Page


Kiss Me from OptiCoons Maine Coon Cattery

OptiCoons Athena – The Queen

OptiCoons Athena is a colorful patched tabby, she is the daughter of Espresso and Bloody Mary. Athena has given us some absolutely stunning and extra, extra large kittens, She is still a young breeder and every bit as sweet a mother as her mother Bloody Mary. Athena has a very long tail, great patterns on her soft coat along with a great earset and eyes, again well within Maine Coon breed standards.

For more updated information on OptiCoon Athena’s litter please follow us on our FaceBook Cattery Page

This is our Torbie female Maine Coon, her name is Athena

A little about Florida Maine Coons by OptiCoons –

“The 2020 and 2021 TICA Outstanding Maine Coon Cattery designation has been awarded to OptiCoons from TICA.” This award signifies that OptiCoons breeds high quality healthy kittens within the stringent TICA standards in an ethical manner.

Florida Maine Coons by OptiCoons breeds “Authentic WOW” Maine Coons of Various Colors and Patterns, Reds, Silvers, Blues, Tabbies, Torbies and Torties, all extra large, these kittens are often described as “WOW” by our customers and followers.

Our kittens are bred in a healthy and ethical environment within our closed cattery with our own males and females. We are guided by TICA standards and local professional veterinary care. Health Tested, Adorable and very Affordable.

As responsible breeders we will provide you with education, a lifetime of breeder support, complete transparency and many choices that work for you.