Maine Coon Bloodlines

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American Maine Coon Bloodline example, MajestiCoon Jolie from Florida Maine CoonsWell, please explain?

So, let’s look a little deeper into the subject of feline bloodline and see if we can definitively answer the question – “Is a Maine Coon bloodline just another Maine Coon bloodline?”. Well depending on how you look at it the short answer could be yes or no.

Just as in humans and dogs, cats have different blood groups. These are important as the blood groups determine the compatibility of blood.

There are three major feline blood groups: A, B and AB. Group A is the most common, but group B is quite common in certain pedigree breeds. Group AB appears to be rare in all breeds. Because pedigree cats in different countries are sometimes bred from quite different gene pools, in some cases how often blood group A and group B appear cats can vary between countries so the likely blood group of any individual cat should never be assumed. This is very important when it comes to breeding Maine Coon kittens and Maine Coon Bloodlines but in this discussion it’s not what we are concentrating on.

MajestiCoon Buffalo Bill at MajestiCoon.comBut wait….

Above is more of a quick medical excerpt of blood types versus bloodlines. Bloodlines are something completely different. Mirriam Webster defines Bloodlines as follows:

  • a sequence of direct ancestors especially in a pedigree also: family, strain Synonyms ancestry birth blood breeding descent extraction family tree genealogy line lineage origin parentage pedigree stock strain. 

The Maine Coon Bloodlines we are talking about concern pedigrees and the ability to tracing cats back to the beginning when feline pedigrees and records began being kept. So, we can look at this by looking at our MajestiCoon bloodline in more detail. MajestiCoon is a cattery that Florida Maine Coons acquired in September of 2021 when we imported the remaining breeding stock of the historic Maine Coon cattery based in the UK. MajestiCoon has Maine Coon cats that trace back 10 generations to the beginning of most modern-day record keeping.

When you adopt a Maine Coon kitten for Sale from MajestiCoon not only are you receiving a piece of Maine Coon history but some of the most sought-after Maine Coon bloodlines in the Maine Coon world, MajestiCoon Maine Coon Kittens are American line kittens of various colors are patterns but primarily Silver or Smokes.

True Maine Coon fans, Owners, and Breeders of Authentic Maine Coons Kittens all know the names of these genetically healthy, well-planned and established Maine Coon bloodlines that only “MajestiCoon” and Florida Maine Coons possess today, our cats descend from these lines.  Now years later they are back in the USA from where they originated in some cases 40 years ago.

Original Foundation lines such as Capecoon, Charmalot, Heidi Ho’s, Kiskata’s, Mainstay’s, Balicoon, Solkatz, Walmets, Illya’s, Friscoon’s, Kalicoon’s, Mtkittery’s are all represented on the pedigrees of the MajestiCoon cats in the cattery today, they can be viewed on Pawpeds

Catteries that are fortunate to have these well managed and genetically clean bloodlines are very protective of their existence, here at MajestiCoon we are very careful when planning breeding’s with our MajestiCoon girls. These types of bloodlines are very rare and as a buyer you should be asking to see the parents’ pedigrees and for that pedigree to be explained to you along with health records. This is very important. There are many catteries that claim they has championship bloodlines, heritage bloodlines and foundation bloodlines, make them prove it. What you want is a logical flow of parentage by as few catteries as possible and more importantly by catteries whose roots can also be traced back to foundation lines.

PawPeds is the most recognized Feline Database in the world. This is where Maine Coon records are kept. Visit them at