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About Florida Maine Coons

Welcome to OptiCoons and MajestiCoon Maine Coon Cattery. Our family breeds Maine Coon kittens from highly pedigreed American and European Males and Females, our breeders have been imported from award-winning catteries in Europe and homegrown here in Florida. In fact, in 1979 the MajestiCoon Cattery was born in the UK when several foundation lines of authentic Maine Coons were imported into the UK. All MajestiCoon Maine Coons are purebred from original American stock that can be traced back to the foundation lines when records began being kept and all with Lynx Tips.  To give you an idea of the bloodlines a few of the key names are mentioned below and copy pedigrees of the queens from which many of our existing breeding stock were bred can be viewed below as well can be found on the PawPeds Maine Coon Registry.

The MajestiCoon Connection

True Maine Coon fans, Owners, and Breeders of Authentic Maine Coons Kittens all know the names of these genetically healthy, well-planned, and established bloodlines that only “MajestiCoon” and Florida Maine Coons possess today, our cats descend from these lines.  Now years later they are back in the USA from where they originated in some cases 40 years ago.

Original Foundation lines such as Capecoon, Charmalot, Heidi Ho’s, Kiskata’s, Mainstay’s, Balicoon, Solkatz, Walmets, Illya’s, Friscoon’s, Kalicoon’s, Mtkittery’s are all represented on the pedigrees of the MajestiCoon cats in the cattery today, they can be viewed on Pawpeds

MajestiCoon Possibilities

We have been successful at breeding some of the most sought-after and rare Maine Coon kitten colors such as Smokes, Reds, Silvers, Blues, Blacks, Tabbies, Torties, and Torbies. Most important our authentic kittens have outstanding friendly personalities and loving temperaments all descending from the foundation catteries listed above.