CAUTION- Scammers and Back Yard Breeders:

Please be cautious of Maine Coon sites that are scams, there are way too many of them, some in the US and some worldwide. If it seems too good to be true, I assure you it is. Many of these scams are easily identified as "Ads" promising big discounts and savings, these are mostly fake and scammers. After all, we are Breeders of Maine Coon Cats, our catteries are not online stores or discount stores, please don't be fooled.

I wrote an article about scammers and the red flags to look for, please educate yourself if you are actively looking for a cat to purchase. Please be aware that not all Maine Coon breeders breed their kittens, there are some in Florida and around the country that just import kittens from overseas and resell them for a profit, avoiding the risk of scammers and cat flippers and saving potential heartache.

There are also many BYBs or Back Yard Breeders who own cats they breed but are typically of poor quality, unregistered, or have poor bloodlines and many health problems, they may be far cheaper than purebred Maine Coons, as the adage goes. "You get what you pay for".  Many of these are right here in Florida, but also, all over the country and world.