Florida Maine Coons and Scammers – I’ve got a headache….

Florida Maine Coons is the ONLY breeder in the world with the rights to the MajestiCoon and OptiCoon bloodlines, we also share ownership of the Majestic Souls bloodline with our partner in North Carolina – SoulShine Maine Coons.

Florida Maine Coons

My Frustrations:

There are dozens if not hundreds of Scammers and Imposters on the web impersonating Florida Maine Coons by OptiCoon and MajestiCoons that it drives me crazy. Try keeping up with these lunatics on Social Media platforms deleting comments everyday while they try to grab the attention of adoring Maine Coon owners from our social media sites and that of thousands of other social media pages where its nearly impossible for platform managers to eliminate scammers they do try.

Yes we are real:

Florida Maine Coons is the only Breeder in Florida that has won multiple Outstanding Maine Coon Cattery awards from TICA – The International Cat Association, we have been breeding Authentic Maine Coon kittens since our inception and continue to breed on High Quality Authentic Maine Coon kittens from the best possible breeding males and females available. Those who are interested in joining the hundreds of happy Maine Coon owners from one of our 3 well vetted bloodlines can learn more about us here. But back to scammers and imposters for a quick moment.

How to verify Florida Maine Coons people:

If you should be contacted by someone saying they are connected with Florida Maine Coons, OptiCoons or Majestic Souls please contact us at 352 – 804 – 7893. We do not send unsolicited emails or text messages or make marketing calls, we will never contact you unless you contact us first.