Maine Coon Kitten Scammers – be careful!

What To Watch Out For…

Recently there have been several scams regarding the sale of Maine Coon kittens.  These kinds of people drive me crazy and make me angry. The biggest draw seems to be on Facebook, I try to stay active on the Maine Coon Forums and help buyers separate truth from reality where where sometimes the love of that Coon you just saw on the scammers FaceBook page or Webpage was to much to resist, its burning a hole in your heart or worse your child’s heart, lately lots of victims on pages and groups that are used for selling “Maine Coon Kittens”, many name variations.  Also when you use Google the Ads it presents on the keywords you searched on are typically loaded with fake websites.These are typically the Google Ads, or Websites claiming to have Maine Coon Kittens on Sale or “Buy Now” buttons that get you to pay for a kitten that does not exist. Certainly not Google’s fault but none the less they exist, so be careful!

Many times scammers are people who find random photos of cats and kittens from legit websites and then try to sell them as their own. As a legitimate, ethical and reputable breeder, and from others like us our material gets stolen all the time, I have also heard from several of our clients that have been victims or almost victims of these scams.

I am sure there are many other tricks used by scammers that i have not listed but these are the most popular ones.

Just remember, if its seems to good to be true then its not.

Here’s a few Red Flags:

  • Scammers insist on using Text Only to communicate.
  • Scammers won’t show the parents, I’m not talking pictures those are easy to fake.
  • Scammers won’t show pedigrees of the kittens and parents.
  • Scammers steal pictures off legitimate websites and put them on their websites.
  • Scammers usually want high deposits.
  • Scammers encourage the buyer to only communicate on Facebook Private Messaging.
  • Scammers can’t answer basic questions about the care of these special breeds.
  • Scammers can’t answer basic health and genetic questions about Maine Coon Kittens
  • Never use the Pay Now or Buy Now button to reserve or purchase a kitten without first validating this is a legitimate breeder.
  • Scammers use Google Ads to get to the top of search results to draw you in quick and act on emotions.

How to Validate an Ethical and Reputable Maine Coon Breeder.

  • Everything I listed above doesn’t happen, early in the process messages do happen but if your a serious buyer that ends and we talk on the phone.
  • We will educate you on Maine Coons and the Health risks along with how we at Florida Maine Coons mitigate that risk.
  • We will give you verifiable references.
  • You can verify our cattery is in good standing with TICA, our cattery is OptiCoons and its registry number is 32814.
  • We encourage Cattery visits by appointment when we have kittens, come see how our furry family lives in harmony with our family and pets.
  • We will send you as many pictures as you want.
  • We will send you videos of the kittens.
  • We will volunteer to send you copies of pedigree’s – the kittens and the parents.
  • We will show you videos of the parents with the kittens.
  • We will even do Face Time Live with you and the kittens.
  • We can and will answer every questions you and your vet could think of about our bloodlines and cats.
  • We will share with you upfront our contract, if fact its on our website right here.
  • Our deposit is reasonable and are fair. Our prices are set in mind so as many people as possible can afford a Maine Coon, we could charge much more but we want everyone to be able to afford a precious Coon.
  • Sure we advertise on FaceBook, but we don’t sell off of FaceBook. We prefer to talk to you in person or on the phone. Messages are OK in the beginning but as people, we need to talk. Messages are way to subjective and only cause problems.
  • It is our best interest to earn your trust and for you to fully understand what you are buying, and when its all truthful, its easy.

I am angry that there are people out there that believe this behavior is acceptable and its okay to scam people. Good quality Maine Coon Kittens are pets are expensive and to allot of people its a big financial leap to own and beautiful Maine Coon kitten.

Here at Florida Maine Coons by OptiCoons, we are very transparent and give our cats and kittens the best care possible. Nothing else is acceptable, we try to exceed our own expectations and more importantly yours.

If you have any Maine Coon related questions please feel me to contact us and we will answer them. Find and follow us on Facebook here

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