Florida Maine Coons and SoulShine Maine Coons – For the GOOD of the Breed


Today,  the owners and founders of both SoulShine Maine Coons based in North Carolina and Florida Maine Coons, LLC dba MajestiCoon based in Florida have agreed to work for the betterment of the Maine Coon Breed standard. In addition and again for the the sole intent of of keeping the well published Maine Coon Standards intact they have decided to work together with the best of breed, fully vetted and tested cats to bring to the world in due course a genetically superior and sound bloodline.

The new bloodline which is wholly owned by SoulShine Maine Coons and Florida Maine Coons will be known as "Majestic Souls" this cattery has been registered with TICA as a Maine Coon Cattery.  Majestic Souls was chosen as a name because it not only represents the combined portions of our names but it well describes the goal of this partnership to breed world class Show cats and Pets that are just as the name implies truly Majestic Souls.

This is an idea that we have been kicking around for months and we have finally decided to put this together in an official format.  SoulShine and MajestiCoon have worked together in the past and have grown to have great respect and trust in each others breeding programs so it just makes sense. We hope to have these anticipated beautiful Maine Coon kittens on the ground in 2023, these will be the "Best of the Best" that both long experienced breeders have to offer. More information to come as this exciting new partnership unfolds.

About the Founders:

SoulShine Maine Coon cattery was founded by Melissa Frohnapple in 2006 with CFA and TICA in 2007 and Florida Maine Coons DBA MajestiCoon and OptiCoons was founded by Steve and Ginnie Lane in 2015 with TICA. Both catteries have a shared vision of breed preservation and strong foundational genetics and testing. For more information you may contact any of us via our websites above or social media below.

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